Visit These Philippine Destinations For A Fabulous Vacation


Situated in the Southeast of Asia; The Philippines prides itself with its centuries-old culture and history, which are reflected in the form of ancient forts, old churches, as well as modern museums. Alongside these, this country can also take pride in having some of the most beautiful gifts of Nature, which come in the form of picturesque landscapes and dense virgin forests, and, of course, gorgeous white-sand beaches.

An unforgettable sight

The Philippines is completely surrounded by water, and, as a result, has an immensely long coastline, which is covered with both wild and unexplored beaches and top of the class resort facilities and getaways. The water is crystal clear and offers more than 45.000 square km of reefs, brimming with marine life. Thanks to its location, this land is endowed with a warm, tropical climate, which provides the perfect sunlight, breathtaking sunsets, rural areas, and a mountain weather conditions. To top it off, The Philippines stretch over more than 7.000 islands, all of them brimming with beauty and mystery. With all this in mind, it would be quite unsurprising if someone would choose this country as a perfect destination for a summer vacation. However, with so many interesting locations, one could find himself/herself in a hard choice situation. To make that easier, we will talk about some of the top Philippine Destinations one can visit and enjoy.


22ndkjir9One of the more mysterious and untouched parts of the Philippines, Palawan is considered as the last frontier of civilization. It is home to a plethora of exotic fauna and flora life, only found there. Palawan consists of more than 1000 smaller islands and islets, rich with dark caves, gold beaches, and underwater rivers. Tubbataha Reef, the sole national marine park, is situated in Palawan, further adding to its variety and richness.


Situated in the southern part of the Philippines, Bohol is one of the smallest, yet most beautiful islands. Centered in the heart of Visayas, this island is full of sandy beaches and gentle coves. Bohol is also one of the cultural and historical centers of the country, with its centuries-old churches, monasteries and ancestral homes. Traveling around this island is quite comfortable, with a web of highways that connect all along with famous beaches.


More commonly known as the Walled City, Intramuros is a destination that should not be missed, thanks to its cultural and historical significance. For those who are interested in learning more about the nation itself, its history and culture, Intramuros offer a vast amount of museums and sites, full with interesting memorabilia and items. For those more interested in the local wildlife, the Luneta Park is more than welcoming.


Informally known as the capital of whale sharks, Donsol used to be a small village situated in the northwestern part of the Sorsogon. Province. Now, it is a first-class municipal area, that attracts masses of both local and foreign tourists interested in seeing massive sea creatures. For anyone fascinated with wild marine life, Donsol is the perfect destination.


33nhr9u3This is a province best known for its rice terraces, which some consider as the 8th world wonder. Thanks to this feature, Banaue thrives from tourism, and its no wonder, since all the visitors get an excellent treatment from the local populace as well as guides, who are more than willing to entertain foreign tourists.