Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are designed with a heavier weight than the normal blankets or duvet to give the best comfort when you are asleep. The standard weight of the weighted blanket is between four to thirty pounds, and they are created with plastic beads or natural materials.

The blankets are ideal for both children and older adults based on their size and weight. When you are buying the weighted blanket such as the sensory blankets, you need to choose an ideal weight and gentle pressure. The blanket always offers an extra warmth to your body allowing enough sleep. There are numerous benefits of weighted blankets.

Reduces Anxiety

laying down on the sofa with blue blanket

Whether you are a child or an older adult, the weighted blanket is the safest way that can lower your stress and help you be relaxed when you are asleep. An ideal weight blanket for reducing anxiety should be at least 30 pounds.

The weighted blanket has been reported to lower the level of anxiety of two-thirds of the participants who wrap themselves in one. The weighted blanket is revealed to produce physiological changes to the nervous system of the user to calm him or her down especially when one is thinking of an appointment or similar cases that can cause anxiety.

Fights Insomnia

When you are having a sleeping problem, you need to shift to the weighted blanket because it will help you to have a better sleep. People who try to use the weighted blankets experience a restless night and fall asleep easily. The weighted blankets always have a soothed effect that offers a comfortable environment for one to fall asleep easily by imitating the swaddled feeling. T

he blanket also provides warmth and safety that your body needs to relax. Weighted blankets are also believed to increase the level of serotonin that is responsible for the body’s level of melatonin, a chemical that tells your body it is time to sleep.

Calms Down the Nervous System

Weighted blankets play an important role in calming down the nervous system. Other than creating the neurochemical changes, the weighted blanket can improve the way your nervous system is functioning. You need to cover yourself with a weighted blanket that offers an ideal pressure to enhance physical relaxation and reduce restlessness effectively.

Reduce the Pre-Sleep Stress

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When you wrap yourself in a weighted blanket before you relax in bed, you will reduce the cortisol production, which is a stress hormone in your body. When you have too much cortisol production in your body, you will add stress to your immune system and result in high blood pressure as well as limit the effectiveness of your digestive system.

Therefore, it is important to wrap your weighted blanket before you sleep to avoid waking up tired, stressed up and in up in in the morning. Despite the health benefits of the weighted benefits, you need to understand that it is not for everyone. Some models of the weighted blankets might be producing more warmth that will pose a risk to people who are sensitive to raised temperatures.