Choosing The Right Type Of A Pool Cleaner

Swimming pool owners understand the need to have an automatic pool cleaner. This is the case if you want to move away from the manual cleaning with several types and brands available. There are different things you will need to consider when buying a pool cleaner for above ground or inground pool. One of the top cleaners is hayward pool vac xl. You can read an awesome hayward pool vac xl review of it. The following are some of the things that should be taken into account.


This is the first tht2g3wedc6y37eu82i92o2ing most consumers look for when choosing a pool cleaner. You should note that automatic pool cleaners are available in four main categories: pressure side cleaners, suction side cleaners, solar powered cleaners, and robotic cleaners.

Pool size

The pool size can be a huge difference as far as the style of a swimming pool cleaner you want to purchase is concerned. The suction models need hoses of a broad range of lengths, electricity, and the pool’s filtration system and pump. This means that if your pool is large, you will take a lot of time to clean and it can be costly as a lot of energy will be used. In this case, you should consider robotic cleaners that have powerful brushes and determined paths, which make the job light.


Other than the pool size, the other thing to consider is the amount of debris, which should be removed. The solar powered ones are recommended as they remove anything from oil to leaves and from the surface. However, they do not touch dirt on the bottom or sides. In fact, Leaves and large quantities of dirt can be a huge problem for the simpler, smaller automatic cleaners. However, they are ideal for pools with sand and finer particles.


Usually, t2g3wedfc6y23e7duj28i2automatic pool cleaners are meant to make the cleaning job easier. However, hidden problems during maintenance and setup of the pool and cleaner can result. As much as solar-powered cleaners may be simple to use, does the brand you choose have some hidden flaws?


The last consideration should be the price of the pool cleaner. However, this does not mean it is not important. The is a vast difference in cost between the basic suction models and advanced robotic pool cleaners. In fact, you may be tempted by bargain prices. Following the above criteria, it will be possible to choose a good cleaner, which meets your needs. Ensure you do adequate research and read reviews before buying one.