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Rockabilly Rebel Weekend 2008 June 26-28 in Indy has been cancelled due to slow ticket sales. It's the economy, folks, it's the economy.  Alas.

A Wealth of Music and Bands around Northeast Indiana

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Bands around NE Indiana
Bands away from NE Indiana
Acid Bath

Links for bands that Tell-Mama has not yet heard
Sandra calls a Time-Out
Who writes this stuff? Blame the redhead.
Love news

I just located a lot of my bands that are listed on here as unavailable.  As I have time, I will restore them for you!!  April 2008.


Our Tentative Times and Tell-Mama are getting raked over the coals for not being up-to-date.  Yes, a lot of these bands have folded their tents, some have all sorts of new members. Even the Blue Moon Boys have a new bass player, Pat Borton.  Let Pat show you the tattoo of Keith Brewer on his back !  We all miss Keith so much. He was the original bass player for the Blue Moon Boys.  Hope he is having a rockabilly Christmas up there with Elvis, Hank and the rest.  So remember, this is mostly  archival except where noted.


Bands, some of them archival,  In the Fort Wayne, Indiana Area
Blue Moon Boys at RibFest99
Bill Lupkin with John Primer
Blue Moon Boys CD, Sticks and Stones
Four pages of Misfit Toys
Black Tooth Grin
Sunny Taylor Band
Brand New Bag
Have you heard Savannah Sunday Chico Banks
from Chicago but he plays here sometimes
The Bel Airs at Amvets
JBGS at Tempel Recording Studio Dane Wilkins and the Average Lovers The Chronics, archival.  Pop 'n Fresh band!!
Columbia Street West way back when page Nightlife in Muncie Indiana long ago

Bands away from NE Indiana
Acid Bath


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Bands away from NE Indiana

Weekenders (BIG events)
Acid Bath


Fort Wayne's Original Ribfest is on-line but someone else makes it now.
Mad Anthony's opening,
The Bel Airs!
Bill Smoker on Aitoo 98 from Finland!
Bill Smoker reviews the weekender, Viva Las Vegas '98 Frog Island Weekender
Well worth a visit, 1997 Rockabilly Weekend #5, 1997
1996 Rockabilly Weekend#4, 1996
With pages for Ronnie Dawson, Josie Kreuzer, Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys, more Twistin' Tarantulas, Mac Curtis, Derailers, King Memphis, Blacktop Rockets, Frantic Flattops, Kim Lenz, Johnny and the Blades, Tip Top Daddies, Swing Rays, Those Legendary Shack Shakers, Truly Lover Trio, Bigger Than Elvis, Johnny and the Blades, Clint's Butcher Shop, cat's shoes, after hours hi-jinks, cats in jeans with beauty queens, and more to come.
Bill Smoker reviews Pontin's Camber Sands 3rd Rockabilly Rave in Sussex UK

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Bands away from NE Indiana
Acid Bath


Index of Acid Bath pages
main Acid Bath band page
Audie Pitre
Fan Letters About Audie
Dax and Mike
Featuring Devin Blair: Acid Bath Tee Shirts

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Bands away from NE Indiana

Favorite Songs List
Buy Obscure Music
CDs we bought a while ago
Photos were prohibited: Bo Diddley at Pierres
Senator Dillwilly
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
We've dropped our lyrics pages 'cause we might be violating some rules or something.
Kenny Love's advice for Musicians, a must-read section.

Rockabilly People
Cute Couples '97
Wild Wild Women '97
3 pages
Guitar Stars '96-'97
2 pages
Big Bad Bass Players '96-'97
2 pages
Dang Good Drummers '96-'97

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Bands away from NE Indiana

Bands Outside NE Indiana
All URLs with bbqribfest in them will have to be redone in 2008 since I lost that webmastership.
The Mighty Blue Kings
Chico Banks
Josie Kreuzer
The Twistin' Tarantulas
Jive Rockets Rick Monroe At James Dean's
Birthday Party,
The Atomics
Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band
Anson Funderburg and the Rockets, with Sam Meyers
Keb' Mo'
Hillbilly Hellcats Johnny Favourite Orchestra
Johnny and the Blades
Marcia Ball/Irma Thomas/Tracy Nelson
Bigger Than Elvis Ronnie Dawson
Mac Curtis
Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys
Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars
King Memphis
Blacktop Rockets
Swing Rays
Tip Top Daddies
The Deans (now Grifter 8 Ball)  

UNAVAILABLE Governor Davis
UNAVAILABLE Black Jack Shellac
Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel
UNAVAILABLE Larry Garner and the Boogaloo Blues Band
UNAVAILABLE South Side Denny UNAVAILABLE Maurice John Vaughn UNAVAILABLE Larry Garner at Ribfest 2002
UNAVAILABLE John Studebaker and the Hawks
UNAVAILABLE Little Mike and the Tornados
UNAVAILABLE Eddie King and the Swamp Bees
at Ribfest 2002
UNAVAILABLE Bob Green and Friends
Blue Moon Boys at Ribfest 2002
  Shelly Dixon Band Ribfest 2002
Bill Lupkin and the Chicago Blues Coalition
Magic Red & the Voodoo Tribe

Black Jack Shellac at Ribfest 2002 (unavailable)

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Kenny Love has graciously made his columns available to Tell-Mama readers everywhere! Kenny writes about promoting your independent-label music. Believe me, he's the pro of pros when it comes to promotion, and we would do well to heed his every word. Or at least read and enjoy Kenny Love's music advice and musings.


For young people to lose a friend is about the hardest blow of all in adolescence. Even the adults who knew Audie Pitre (of the band Acid Bath) are grieving the loss to this day. Read about the impact one musician had on his world. Audie and his parents were killed by a drunk driver.

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